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finally a place where i can post all the degenerate anime porn i want and i have no one to fear seeing it

okay enough sadposting for one night time to try sleeping ayyyy

Anxiety really is the worst. It's the voice in your head that you can't turn off or tune out. It's the voice that tells you people don't want you around. It tells you everything you're doing is wrong. It tells you you're not good enough. It tells you that they don't love you.

The worst part of anxiety is that no matter how stupid and absurd the thing you're worrying about may be, you can't turn the feeling of anxiety off. It's there no matter how logically you try to think. Everything could point to your feeling being wrong, and you'd still worry.

Having anxiety is such a ridiculous and unfair debuff. I want a reroll.

hello my name is compatible and for the first time in my life i have sobbed over a piece of clothing because its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen



新作💓name of guardianシリーズ💓の

・name of guardianジャケット ¥36,080
・name of guardianナース風OP ¥38,280


semi-regular reminder that twitter's video compression is shit desu

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